Is it possible to come a month later or a month earlier than scheduled??

Most of the time, We can be flexible with the session’s days, it depands in the courses dates.

Are there rental car companies available in the area of Home Ulpan?

There are cars rental near Lev Hamifratz train station, (you can take the train directly from the airport to Lev Hamifratz train station and rent a car there.)

Since all classes start after Sabbath on Sunday, Can housing be arranged for either Thursday or Friday before Sabbath?

In case we will have available room, we will be happy to host you for additional cost.

What weather would be generally expected for the December session?

On November – December the weather is fantastic. December 2014. When I ask in the Hebrew lesson our student :  what is the weather, they answer in the Hebrew language : “yafe Mood'” – very beautiful.

I am 22 years old and I study Medicine. I would like to come in my college holidays in order to visit Israel, because I would like to work in an Israeli hospital for one month (for more practical clinical experience), And because of this fact it would be great to learn some Hebrew in order to communicate – not only in English! Are there any possibilities to manage this?

Actually, on June 2010, a medicine student attended my Hebrew lessons, all through June, he studied Medicine in Switzerland, and after he studied Hebrew with Home Ulpan for a month, he worked for 2 month in a Hospital in Tel Aviv. Improving his Hebrew language before working in the hospital was a big advantage.
Here you can see what our  Hebrew language student his saying here

I have seen your offer of an Ulpan in Israel for 2 weeks on the homepage of Hebrew Home Ulpan. I have never been to this interesting country and I would like to visit it and to learn Hebrew and to see all the spectacular sights. Do you have also courses for advanced beginners (Bet level)

There are Hebrew Courses for all levels. We will be happy if you will learn Hebrew with home Ulpan.

What is the cost of the course and the place to stay?
Do you have also courses for advanced beginners (Bet level)?

There are Hebrew courses for all levels

Are those dates flexible? Is the limit 2 weeks or can it be longer?

The minimum for Hebrew courses is two weeks, In case there will be place there is a possibility of continuing for longer period.

I would like to know more about your Hebrew Ulpan program at home. How does it work? Are there different levels to start with?

I try to arrange that students at the same level will
come together on the same dates. When I have students at different levels that come together, I bring in an additional Hebrew teacher,

Regarding academics, what book/materials do we use?

For beginner Ulpan level and some intermediate students, you will use and intensive study book that I wrote, which is specially tailored for this program. Advanced students study according their level with academic books (for second language students.)

The site says we eat breakfast with you. Are we responsible for cooking our own dinner and lunch or how does that work? I imagine there are restaurants nearby as you only serve breakfast, or are there refrigerators in the room?

The commercial area just outside of the residential Ulpan area where we are located is famous in it's good restaurants and cafes, so you have many options for eating out. In the residential area 5 minutes from Home Ulpan there is a small center where you can find a few restaurants, a pizza shop that makes deliveries , and a big supermarket. There is a also very good falafel and Shawarma (Israeli food) and very tasty Ice-cream close by. In addition, you can keep your food in our refrigerator, or in an additional small one. Both located in the kitchen. Our kitchen is open to our student They are free to cook in the kitchen, as much as they want.

I'm more focused on being able to speak Hebrew, as opposed to, reading or writing. Could there be more emphasis on speaking?

Home Ulpan put an emphasis on speaking Hebrew. About half and more of the Hebrew lessons is speaking by heart ,but in order to acquire more vocabulary you must read texts, and when we teach grammar you will need to practice it by speaking Hebrew and also by writing Hebrew. You will have written homework - about 3 hours after the Hebrew lessons.

I am filling out the paperwork for the health insurance and it asks what my address will be while in Israel.

Home Ulpan is located at Ramat-Yishay, 73 Haazavim st.

How can we apply?

Once I know you level, and we agree on the dates, I will send you a registration form. After return it to me with an advanced payment of USD 10% (deducted from the final total) - You are registered.

Where would the location of the housing be?

Ramat Yishay is located between Haifa an Nazareth. About 35 minutes by car from Haifa,Tiberius and Acre. 25 min from Nazareth, a hour and a half from Tel Aviv by a car.

By when would I have to confirm?

It is advisable to confirm ASAP. Popular dates fill quickly. We can only host a few students at a time. Once We have a maximum number of students with the same level registered We close the course.

When I arrive at the Lev HaMifrats train station, what is the best way for me to arrive?

You can call Moshe the taxi drivee(details on the registeation form)