About me

Shlomit Chaushu, Home Ulpan founder and directors was born in Haifa Israel.
After serving in the IDF intelligence service, Shlomit received a B A. in Hebrew and Arabic at the Haifa University.
She is a Hebrew teacher with more then 25 years of experience.
She has taught Hebrew in various settings, including at the Ulpans of the Jewish Agency ,with SELA, and etc.
The last few years she has taught as an instructor of Hebrew in the International School of Haifa University,
in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and in the Open University.
Shlomit has a love of teaching Hebrew and as her students say:
“creates a warm, encouraging and creative environment in which to learn the language.”
She encourages her students to speak Hebrew by practicing speaking, in real situations.

She has taught Hebrew to thousands of students, and in the past 7 years of Home Ulpan
she has taught hundreds of students, who acquire their Hebrew skills quickly,
with her unique method
Thanks to both professionalism and the warm welcome into her family,
a lot of students, return every year to improve and practice their Hebrew.

By Shlomit Chaushu

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Why choose me

  • A professional Hebrew teacher

  • Professional Hebrew teacher with more than 25 years experience

  • Intuition in noticing the students strengths and weaknesses

  • Fully dedicated to cater each student’s needs.

  • Creative and fun approach.

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About our Family

Shlomit is Maried to Shimon and they have 3 grown children and a cute friendly dog.About Hebrew teacher

Shimon is retired as a mechanical engineer, and now he is a life coaching

( helping people to improve and to fulfill themselves.)

He is very friendly, love people, to smile, laugh and enjoy.

When he is available he loves making Israeli breakfast to the students at Home Ulpan

Do you have a question???

Watch what Shimon start doing before Our students Breakfast at Home Ulpan

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Why students come back

The first day: Practicing the Hebrew numbers with cards game.
Although only English was required for my internship in Tel Aviv,
I decided to learn some Hebrew the month before, and I didn’t regret my decision.
The classes were always demanding,
but Shlomit managed to create a very familiar atmosphere,
She also set a focus on the needs of each student, so I really enjoyed learning Hebrew.

 Michael Medicine Student, Switzerland

Michael Medicine student, Switzerland

Excellent–I think Shlomit is a master of figuring out
what a student needs and providing it to them in a very low-key but sneakily persistent way….
She used a red pen to correct my essays!
She listened to me talk about my day and wrote down my mistakes! I loved it.
Consider this a hearty endorsement…”

Martha Moody, famous writer and Dr. Martin Jacob, Daiton, U.S.A.

Martha Moody, famous writer and Dr. Martin Jacob, Daiton, U.S.A.

After ten days of Hebrew study with Shlomit,
I hardly can wait to come back next year again.
I have a lot of experience with the study of languages,
and thus I can say with confidence that
she is one of the truly excellent and gifted teachers that are not at all easy to find“.

Maria Dalas, USA

Maria Dalas, USA
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