Hebrew for Christians

learn and live at your Hebrew teacher’s Home in Israel!!

Hebrew for cristian

Many Christians from all the sects and from all over the world fall in love in the holy language.
We at Home Ulpan often receive questions like this one: I’m a Christian, can I come to Home Ulpan and learn Hebrew? Do you teach Hebrew for Christians?

Why Christians from all the sects
want to learn Hebrew for Christians courses?

Hebrew is the holy language for many Christians, and they want to learn Hebrew for many reasons:

  • Some want to learn Hebrew in order to be able to read the bible in the original language, rather than a translation.
    This is because they would like to make their interpretation to the bible and not rely on the existing interpretation
  • Some know the biblical language and think Hebrew for Christians is not only the biblical Hebrew, but also modern Hebrew – the spoken Hebrew of daily life in every Israeli family.
  • Some love Israel, and would like to know the language for staying up-to-date with the Israeli channels on the Internet and T.V.
  • Some are looking for Hebrew for Cristians courses because they would like to live in Israel, and study, for short or long term.
    Since it is difficult to live in a country where you don’t speak the language and it’s fun to learn a new language, Hebrew for Christians courses will help you to gain confidence to travel in Israel, study and succeed in managing various situations.
  • Some people have married an Israeli person, live in Israel with them, and are interested in learning Hebrew for Christians in order to communicate with their new relatives who sometimes don’t speak English at all.
  • Some countries send their workers to work at the embassy in Israel, and they are happy to be in Hebrew4Christians courses.We invite you to come to Home Ulpan and to participate in Hebrew for Christians courses.
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