Many Christians come to visit the holy land without knowing that the visit can be combined with Hebrew studies at the cost of a night’s stay in a hotel. They can sleep at a house of an authentic Israeli family in the north of Israel and the price will include Hebrew lessons and even trips around Israel.
Those who do know, such as Professor Patton from Belfast who’s a Protestant priest, come to visit Israel every year, stay the night at the Home Ulpan, learn Hebrew and refine it.
Many students like to relax and our charming meditation corner which is at the end of the garden.
This point overlooks the fields of Emek Izrael which are full of history dating back to biblical times.

described to use: “I can’t believe that once upon a time, right here where I’m looking, this place was full of activity including the battle of Mount Tabor and much more.

Learning Hebrew for Christians can be combined with trips in the many archaeological sites found in the Emek Izrael area.
Such as Armageddon which is none other than Megiddo, such as Tel Yokne’am, the ancient Beit Shearim, and such as Tzipori. The students are surprised by how close these sites are to the teacher’s house, and they can rent a car and arrive there in 5-30 minutes, or order a taxi that will come specially to pick them up.
The sites, mentioned in the Bible, have many interesting stories, which are at times mentioned in the Hebrew lessons for Christians in the Home Ulpan.
One of the stories took place in December of this year when we went with a student who came to study Hebrew for Christians in the holy land. We went with him to visit the ancient burial caves in Beit Shearim which is in Kiryat Tiv’on, five minutes away from the Home Ulpan.
We too were surprised to discover interesting burial caves and a charming path opened to the public only a few years ago, whose existence we didn’t know about.