About Hebrew teacher -Taly

About the Hebrew teacher – Taly

Taly is a professional Hebrew teacher Teaching Hebrew as a second language for more than 30 years.

During the last thirty years Taly has been teaching Olim Teachers all over Israel in The Division for the Absorption of Olim Students (immigrant students) and returning resident students in The Ministry of Education.Hebrew teacher

Currently, she is conducting professional Hebrew


for Ulpan Teachers. Teaching Hebrew as a second language is her specialization and passion.

She has Cultural competence – cultural sensitivity & social absorption in addition to professional development for teachers & educational staff.

She is also experienced in Pedagogical training of educational staff and

Curriculum supervision

She is also talented in Writing learning and teaching materials

Courses management – writing curriculum & teaching virtual courses for mentors, teachers, and educational intercultural mediators.

in addition, she supervises absorbing & integration of Ethiopian students and

Mentoring Arab schoolsHebrew teacher

Why choose Taly

  • A professional Hebrew teacher

  • Professional development for teachers & educational staff

  • Pedagogical training of Hebrew language educational staff

  • Writing learning and teaching Hebrew language materials

  • writing curriculum & teaching virtual Hebrew courses for mentors,Hebrew teachers
    and educational intercultural mediators.

  • Absorbing & integration of Ethiopian students

  • Hebrew Mentoring for Arab schools

  • Accommodation at one of the prettiest Vocational villa in Israel

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About taly’s Family

Taly is Married to and they have 2 grown boys and two cute grandchildren.

She is very friendly, love people, to smile, laugh and enjoy.

Why students come back


The first students after the difficult year of the Koruna will start coming in January to the special vacation villa in Talmei Elazar and will also start studying with the professional Hebrew teacher, Taly.
Evidence and impressions of why it is worthwhile to come and study at the vacation villa in Talmei Elazar will start coming soon.
The testimonies will also include videos and photos of the special place, the owners of the place, the atmosphere
Absorption of Israeli culture and rapid progress in the language.