learning Hebrew in Israel

Learning Hebrew in Israel

Home Ulpan is unique in Israel, and we proudly provide you with a variety of flexible options to for learning Hebrew, to ensure your success.


Director Shlomit Chaushu evaluates students and their abilities before they arrive in Israel.

  • They are divided into small groups of students with similar abilities.
  • When there are two levels, an additional qualified teacher is added.
  • The director monitors the progress of each student to ensure they are meeting their own personal goals, whatever they may be! (A student might be learning Hebrew to be able to speak in front of an audience. Another might need to increase his vocabulary about a specific subject. There was one student who gave yoga classes in English in Israel, but who needed to develop confidence to speak Hebrew in her workshop. She was very enthusiastic!)


  • If you want to do business in Israel, learning Hebrew will help you to communicate with your customers!
  • Home Ulpan will help you translate your presentation from English to Hebrew, and practice it until it is flawless.
  • Impress your customers by learning Hebrew and speaking to them in their own language.


  • Do you need specialized teaching to communicate about a particular subject?
  • Foreign employers who are interested in their employees learning Hebrew will supply Director Shlomit with specific terms to be used by the worker.
  • Director Shlomit will teach the student the proper use of these terms for success in the workplace.

Learning Hebrew is great asset  for anyone visiting or living in Israel. Enroll today and you will be glad you did!

How to learn Hebrew?

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