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Home Ulpan offers a unique and dynamic Hebrew intensive language program.
It is the only program in Israel where families and/or individuals can come and study the Hebrew language in a family-friendly environment.

Through our immersion Hebrew courses, we allow Ulpan students
from all levels of Hebrew to learn the language and live in the home of their Hebrew teacher in Israel.
We have developed some fun and rewarding Hebrew lesson plans that have been very effective
in improving the fluency of Hebrew language students.

About Hebrew course for advanced–

We use a practical and experiential approach.
We focus on enabling the learner to speak and understand,
while simultaneously teaching the student new vocabulary words,
grammar points, and more.
We apply drilling exercises and repetition to get the learner to use all of the new information that they have just received,
and to become more and more involved in speaking and understanding.

“… I GIVE YOU FIVE STAR…Hebrew Courses for Advanced

This has been just the right intensive learning Hebrew course for me –
challenging but without feeling overwhelmed
I will be going home with great ambitious for continue Hebrew studies and
cannot wait until my next visit to Home Ulpan.


Hebrew course for advanced

$1979 + vat
  • Accommodation for 12 days
  • Israeli breakfast with the teacher
  • 40 academic hours
  • Maximum 6 students


  1. Alexandra June 23, 2017 at 9:12 am - Reply

    Excellent experience. Highly recommend. If your goal is to learn Hebrew in a comfortable and supportive environment, Home Ulpan will not disappoint. Also, Ramat Yishai is a lovely neighborhood. Overall, just a great experience.

  2. Marléné Ramú August 26, 2017 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    Home Ulpan is an excellent opportunity to truly begin, or continue, your path to learning Hebrew. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, while also offering intense instruction that is well worth the financial outlay. The key is in the instructor. Shlomit is the most endearing, encouraging, and non-judgmental teacher. She is sharp as a tack, picks up immediately on your strengths and builds upon them, and also addresses your weaknesses and helps you turn them into strengths. Not once are you made to feel foolish when you repeat the same mistake or forget the same word for the umpteenth time (trust me!). The program pushes you forward at a pace that is workable for you, the student. You are kept challenged, yet not overwhelmed.
    I have experienced numerous teachers and am involved in the academic environment. This course is stellar. You will be thrilled if you make the leap. To your success!

  3. Philip M Ramu August 26, 2017 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    I recommend without reservation to come and learn Hebrew with Home Ulpan. My conversational skills and my confidence to speak with everyone that I meet in Israel have been boosted due to the times that I have spent learning under the master teacher, Shlomit. In addition, there are additional support staff, teachers, and family to make the experience of living in a Sabra Home in Israel a delight beyond description. Whether you have a week or two weeks or a month, this is the place to come and learn your basics, review your grammar, or just have plain fun having conversations with many local Israelis and other students from around the world.
    This learning experience is a full immersion experience sharing language, cultures, Middle Eastern cuisine, and the beauty of nature in the home garden and beautiful Emek Yisrael, (Jezreel Valley) in the heart of Israel.
    I love the local restaurants, the local shopping experiences and local Canyon (malls), Cheder Kosher (fitness center), and the ease of traveling throughout the country during our breaks and time off of class. The accommodations are excellent, privacy is foremost respected, and the assistance and guidance provided by Home Ulpan is wonderful.

  4. Shellie Batuski August 2, 2018 at 7:19 am - Reply

    Home Ulpan was the perfect choice for me. It was a way to focus on improving my Hebrew in an easy way, i.e. by living and learning in the same place. Classes were small, giving us students plenty of opportunity to speak, ask questions, etc. Shlomit and the other teachers (Dorit and Zohar) were committed to meeting the students’ needs by dividing the students into different classes with different levels. Shlomit and her husband Shimon provided a delicious breakfast each morning. After class, we students were free to hang out and do homework or go out. Just going to the local supermarket or small shopping center (a 5-minute walk from the house) was part of the learning experience.

    • shlomit Chaushu August 6, 2018 at 3:49 pm - Reply

      Dear Shellie,
      Toda Raba.
      We enjoyed having you with us.

  5. Heinz Egger November 6, 2018 at 2:25 pm - Reply

    Ramat Yshay is a place like many others in Israel, nothing special – fenced houses for one or two families, large shopping area. But Home Ulpan makes the difference: This is the place to learn Ivrith while living with Shlomit and Shimon – I loved their fine Israeli break fast, specially Shimon’s shakshouka. The courses take place in Shlomit’s house. My stay of two weeks in October 2018 was fully successful. We were a class of two. Dorith was our teacher. She made us talk and learn in a fast and intensive way. She was open to our needs and questions, explained very well and encouraged us to use all new vocabulary and sentences we had come across in the exercises. And she always had a lovely smile and a “yophii”, when we succeeded. This is learning at its best! I will recommend Home Ulpan without reservation to all those who want to learn Ivrith in Israel.

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