The only place today, where Families and kids can study Hebrew together,
and also be accommodated by an authentic Israeli Family, is at Home Ulpan.

At Home Ulpan, we understand that there are parents who desire to study Hebrew, However
are anxious for their children to study as well.

So, we tailored an experimental Hebrew course for children.

We teach the children separately from their parents.

About  Hebrew course for families–

We use a practical and experiential approach,
focusing on getting the learner to speak and understand.
We teach the children separately from their parents.
Teaching combined with games, song and another creative way
We also do shared activities between the parents and children as fun competition,
which make the children want to know Hebrew better,
Watch How we practice the body part as a game for the children and parents.

“… I GIVE YOU FIVE STAR…Hebrew Courses for Advanced

This has been just the right intensive learning Hebrew course for me –
challenging but without feeling overwhelmed
I will be going home with great ambition for continue Hebrew studies and
cannot wait until my next visit to Home Ulpan.


Hebrew course for familes – video

Hebrew course for families

$5970 + vat
  • Accommodation for 12 days
  • Israeli breakfast with the teacher
  • 40 academic hours
  • Parents + 2 children*
  • *20 academic hours for the children