Hebrew lessons

The Hebrew Lessons in the Home Ulpan were prepared by Mrs. Shlomit Chausho
who has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Haifa and a teaching certificate in Hebrew as a second language.

Hebrew lessons are taught throughout Israel by many teachers in many institutions. Shlomit Chausho, the manager of Home Ulpan, has specialized in many of the various institutions, and has succeeded in developing a unique teaching method.
The unique teaching method which is makes up the Hebrew Lessons was prepared after many years of Shlomit teaching in various ulpans throughout the country, and in various universities, to thousands of students, who arrived in Israel in order to the study the Hebrew language, or who came to live in Israel.

In Home Ulpan, since the lessons are given to a small number of students at a time (no more than 6 students),
Hebrew Lessons are highly adapted to the students’ needs.

This is the reason why students begin, after just a day, to speak basic Hebrew. Two to three days later they can read and write.

Hebrew Lessons are taught intensively in accordance with the students’ needs, using a unique teaching method, which unites both the everyday spoken language (such as conversations in a super-market, café or even the closest falafel store), and the language’s rules.

In Hebrew Lessons the students learn a very simple technique to understand the language’s rules, “formulas” which are easy to remember, and are suitable to many of the roots in the Hebrew language.

Using these “formulas” the students can work with many of the roots quickly and easily, with immediate application.

In the Home Ulpan, Hebrew Lessons are much loved by the students, which is the main reason they come back to learn them in the Home Ulpan.

Hebrew Lessons are given by Shlomit or one of the teachers trained by her to utilize the unique method she developed.

Hebrew Lessons are loved by the students, because the combine, in addition to the learning material, many experiences. Examples are:

  • Learning the language using songs in Hebrew
  • Learning directions by walking in the fields right next to the Home Ulpan
  • Learning the language by walking to a falafel store in Ramat Ishay and ordering in the Hebrew language.

To summarize:

Hebrew Lessons are taught using a unique method and were developed especially by Mrs. Shlomit Chausho, who holds a bachelor’s degree and is certified in teaching, for students who wise to learn the Hebrew language at they’re rate and in accordance with their specific needs (Hebrew at all level, business Hebrew or Biblical Hebrew).