Her intuition as a fine Hebrew teacher helped me to

emerge from the chrysalis of hesitation to begin risk speaking Hebrew…”

Shlomit, I want to write in Hebrew, but there are not enough Hebrew words in my vocabulary currently….so, alas, I will write this in English. It is with sincere sadness that I leave Home Ulpan. I planned the trip of my life to coincide with Pesach 2014….. Elohim knew what He was doing when he brought freedom from Egyptian bondage ( and also freedom from sin) to His Chosen People. The spring in Ramat-Yishay is so very beautiful! I appreciate the ability to really practice mindfulness in Ramat-Yishay and in your home. I will always remember the beautiful pastoral scenes right outside my window, enjoying the sanctuary of the arbor table, hearing the cacophony of countless birds mornings and evenings…. all pure blessings for me!


My high-lights in 4 weeks of Home Ulpan were:

1. making a life-time friend in my fellow student, Ursula from Dusseldor

2.hearing G.F. Handel’s Messiah Oratorio in Hebrew….amazing talent displayed…heaven on earth!

3.playing ‘killer’ Dutch Blitz with Ursula and the Chaushu family

Such FUN and laughter, and better learning of the Hebrew numbers

( keep an eye on Shimon, though :-0 )

4. daily taking in the sights, sounds, people, daily life and daily challenges of life in Israel.


Her intuition as a fine Hebrew teacher

helped me to emerge from the chrysalis of hesitation to begin risk speaking Hebrew.

Her kindness, patience and persistence paid off…

another 2 weeks would have been beautiful.

I will miss Ramat-Yishay and I will be praying for the Peace of Jerusalem!

Yours in Health and Shalom,

Pam Roberts, U,S,A