About Cheftzi the teacher

About the Hebrew teacher – Cheftzi


My name is Heftsi Genut.
I live in a lovely village, named Psagote, north of Jerusalem.Hebrew teacher

The house:
We live in a comfortable private house with a nice big garden.
The suite for our guest students is on the second floor and includes two beds, air conditioning, a private toilet, a kitchen, and washing machine. There is also a full bathroom in an adjacent room on your floor and, I saved the surprise to the end, a balcony with a beautiful view of the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.

My Family:
My husband Boaz and I have seven children (ages 9-22) and we also have a cute dog.
I am both a certified teacher and a certified Israeli Ministry of tourism tour guide.
Boaz is a rabbi and executive at Tsohar, an organization dedicated to advancing various Jewish causes. Our family is Modern-Orthodox, so you will experience in our home in unison both Israeli and religious lifestyles, in addition to learning lots and lots of Hebrew!
We are both English speakers – My parents came to Israel from the U.S.A. and England and my own family and I lived together in the U.S for several years (St. Louis).

My experience as a teacher:
I have over 20 years of experience and have taught in both private lessons and in schools.

Shopping and Traveling at the neighborhood:
There is a grocery store in Psagote and a large shopping center a 10 minute drive away.
You can find there: food, clothing, a pharmacy etc.
Jerusalem is a mere 20 minute drive from here.
Public bus service goes via the shopping center and on to Jerusalem a few times a day.
I will be happy to personally take you to the local vineyards and the archeological site of the ancient Jewish village and cave, both right here in Psagote and only a brief walk away.

A few kindly requests about Shabbat, food items and dress:
In your apartment you may do whatever you like but please, no loud music.
Over Shabbat, there is no bus service and all shops are closed.  If you need to buy anything for Shabbat, please do so beforehand.
Since we are a religious family, we ask you to respect the Shabbat while in other parts of the house other than you suite.

Your kitchen is a dairy kitchen so, please, keep there only non-meat products
We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

And, last but not least:

Besides learning Hebrew together, we look forward to having many mutually enriching conversations over your stay.

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Why choose Cheftzi

  • Many mutually enriching conversations over your stay.

  • A certified teacher and tour guide

  • Cheftzi family is Modern-Orthodox. In their hòme you will experience an Israeli life style and the religious life style as well and,
    of course, be learning lots and lots of Hebrew!

  • The family is also English speakers

  • The apartment for the guest students is on the second floor.

  • The family lives in a comfortable private house with a nice big garden.

  • A comfortable private house with a nice big garden.

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